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Peace Wellness Nutraceuticals leverages
The Power of Plants™
with botanical supplements that support optimal performance of the systems of your body.

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Maintaining healthy systems extends Healthspan, which is about not only surviving, but thriving. With preventative maintenance and managing factors within our control, we can extend the health of the body’s systems and enjoy the synergistic wellness nature intended.

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Dr . Timothy S. Peace, N.M.D.

Dr. Peace’s degrees from Arizona State University in chemistry & biochemistry prepared him well to pursue his passion to become a physician, a goal accomplished in 2001 at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. A board certified naturopathic primary care physician, his concierge approach to medicine customizes modalities to each person’s healing and wellness needs. Unable to find the medicines for his approach, Dr. Peace began formulating his botanicals early in his career. His products are now available to wellness seekers outside of his clinic along with educational tools providing access to his knowledge about the synergistic power of plants.

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