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Maintaining healthy systems extends Healthspan, which is about not only surviving, but thriving. With preventative maintenance and managing factors within our control, we can extend the health of the body’s systems and enjoy the synergistic wellness nature intended.

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Vis Medicatrix Naturae, the healing power of nature, is the principle of plant-based (botanical) medicine. As a biochemist and Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Peace’s training is based on centuries of knowledge about plants’ medicinal properties and how they work in the body. The botanicals in these proprietary blends were specifically chosen for their natural synergistic properties. Present in meaningful amounts, each is sourced from only the portion of the plant (leaf, root, flower, berry) that contains the molecules biochemically important to specific systems of the body.


Quality fuel supports superior performance: the winning car doesn’t have garbage in the tank. Similarly, quality nutrition fuels the body and each systems’ daily biochemical activities; poor nutrition can add toxins, deprive systems of fuel and reduce their efficiency. Nutrition is the one aspect of healthspan completely in our control. You hold the fork. Choosing to fuel with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats and limiting sugar and alcohol will manifest in optimal energy, stamina and thinking power.


Healthspan relies on maintaining the body’s systems rather than waiting for things to go wrong: Care, Not Repair™. But rather than a collection of independent systems, nature provided the synergy of systems working together to power the total body. Consider car maintenance: brakes, tire pressure, tune ups and oil changes are independent, but all contribute to total car performance. Ignore one system and the rest suffer. Holistic care is similar. Each system impacts the function of the others which then collectively determine wellness of the total body.


The body’s systems receive biochemical messages in response to physical needs and in response to thoughts, actions and social connections. That’s why healthy lifestyles affect physical health. You feel better after physical activity, quality sleep and managing life’s stressors. But these feelings actually trigger positive biochemical signals throughout the body. The same signals are sparked by the sense of wellbeing we get from healthy relationships, a sense of community and pursuit of dreams and aspirations. Healthy lifestyles determine the quality of our years, and in turn, the quality of our health.


Men prostate health

I’ve been a patient of Dr Peace now for 6 years. I’d like to start with stating how great of a person Dr Peace is. He has an amazing heart and has truly cared for me as a person and a patient. I also can’t speak highly enough about his entire staff. He has some amazing people working with him and always go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and cared for. Even as far as distracting you when they give shots to help with the anxiety. I have Crohns and have went through a very rough patch in my life. Not only has he helped me with my Crohns with naturopathic treatment but he has also provided counceling for me in both areas of my life. 

I am currently taking prostate health and it  has helped me tremendously. I was having to go to the bathroom sometimes ever hour and having Chrohns I already spend enough time in the bathroom. It has also helped me on the sexual health side. Great product and I would highly recommend. His digestive healing powder product is also amazing and has help relieve some of my symptoms. Dr Peace has recommended a few different vitamins and mineral supplements as well and what a change in my quality of life! Just wanted to write a note as to how appreciative I am and happy that I have Peace Wellness Center, Dr Peace, and the amazing people involved there. 

– Steve R, Phoenix, AZ

Men optimum virility

I’m an active man in my 70s but not as active as me or my wife would like.  I decided to try Optimum Virility and we both quickly became fan – – it makes a difference. I like that it’s all natural. Thanks!

– Kenny S, Richmond VA

Muscle & Joint sports recovery

Sports Recovery definitely helps with my recovery time.  I am a recent college athlete and now teach tennis 4-5 hours per day.  I work my kids out hard with physical drills. I started taking Sports Recovery and noticed that I don’t get as sore and definitely feel more ready for the next day’s sessions.

– Chapman C, San Diego, CA

Men prostate health

I had some past medical treatments that affected my prostate.  I’m barely in my 40s – – way too young to have to get up at night or excuse myself from meetings. I started taking Prostate Support three months ago  – – my symptoms got less and less over the first month.  Now I make sure I don’t run out. This stuff works.

– Chris O, Scottsdale, AZ