Optimum Virility


This uniquely synergistic blend supports sexual and reproductive health and has herbal properties that contribute to libido, erectile function and fertility. Optimum Virility is an excellent way for men to experience The Power of Plants™.

Daily Defense


This botanical blend provides proactive care for those consuming a typical diet. Herbal properties target daily inflammation, gas, and bloating that cause discomfort. Daily Defense contributes to better digestion, making it your system’s Natural Health Ally™.

Pressure Support


This botanical blend supports blood pressure levels with cardiac-protective properties and healthy inflammation response. Pressure Support is the Natural Health Ally™ for maintenance of blood pressure in the normal range.

Detox & Nourish

brain2This detoxifying and nourishing lipid blend provides essential daily fuel for your brain, supporting optimal function. Healthy lipids targeting daily oxidative stress and inflammation provide essential nourishing support, making Detox & Nourish your brain’s Natural Health Ally™.

Memory & Focus


This blend supports a healthy neural environment for optimal memory & concentration. Herbal properties target brain energy and circulation, synergistically supporting neural processing. Memory & F ocus supports your most complex organ with The Power of Plants™.

Prostate Health


This botanical blend enhances prostate health and BPH response. Herbal properties support normal urine flow and normal nighttime sensation by targeting healthy circulation, inflammation response and normal gland size. Prostate Health is a man’s Natural Health Ally™.

Vitality Plus


This adaptogenic botanical blend supports healthy hormone balance for youthfully aging women. Restorative and balancing properties help response to menopausal symptoms and sexual function, making Vitality Plus a woman’s Natural Health Ally™.



This botanical blend supports healthy hormone function for women of reproductive age. Balancing herbal properties contributing to libido, sexual health, reduced monthly symptoms and healthy reproductive function make Vitality a woman’s Natural Health Ally™.

Nutrient Absorption


This enzymatic blend supports efficient breakdown of foods, facilitating healthy digestion and nutrient bioavailability. Nutrient Absorption is an excellent way to use the Power of Plants™ to get the most from your healthy daily nutrition.

Cold Season Defense

immunity1 This immune boosting botanical blend supports your body’s defense against the flu and common colds with herbal properties that help your body’s ability to defend or respond to invading viruses and bacteria. Power through the season with Cold Season Defense, your Natural Health Ally™.

Optimize & Amplify

immunity2 This adaptogenic botanical blend provides daily care with herbal properties that support activation of the immune system and circulation of stem cells. Optimize & Amplify helps defend against daily threats with the Power of Plants™.

Sports Recovery


This synergistic botanical blend supports healthy response to exercise-induced muscle burn. Herbal properties work together to support healthy inflammation response and contribute to tissue recovery. Sports Recovery brings The Power of Plants™ into your daily training routine.

Daily Defense


This botanical blend supports response to ongoing inflammation. Synergistically independent herbs with protective properties work together to make Daily Defense your Natural Healthy Ally™ in managing chronic muscle and joint pain.

Cardio Recovery


This restorative blend supports heart calming & recovery after exercise. Healing and protective herbal properties contribute to blood pressure normalization and circulation, making Cardio Recovery your Natural Health Ally™ and your heart’s new workout training partner.

Cholesterol Support


This botanical blend supports healthy total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglyceride levels. Herbal properties of Cholesterol Support provide a natural way to leverage The Power of Plants™ for those seeking to maintain healthy lipid levels.